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We're kind of a big deal!

  • Our badges are 100% quality!

  • High quality LED panel that lasts for up to 15 hours.

  • 3 different settings to choose from.

  • Replaceable batteries.

  • Tried & true lanyard clasp that really holds.

  • Unique 3.5 x 5" and 4x6"formats for ease of use (no weird sizes).

  • Works with photo-paper - no "backlit film" to buy...YAY!

  • Expert advice from our seasoned team members.


Don't fall for the "bait & switch"

We'll admit it...we speak from experience on this one.

So you're looking around online and you find what you think is a better deal...let us assure you, you get what you pay for.  The "other guys" simply cannot compare in quality.  You've heard that one a million times, right?

Well then, allow us to be more specific:

The inferior badges do not have as powerful of LED lights!

In fact, our competitor has ONE light and we have FOUR!

When you're selling an LED product...

LED quality is important, right? 

Yeah, we think so too...

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